Bluebike Instructions and Signup Forms

Trading Your Office Seat for a Bluebike Seat…

Step 1: Get your Bluebike Passport
Download and fill out the Equipment Waiver below. Return your completed Equipment Waiver to or email:
Rebecca Shrum, Director of Workplace Experiences

Step 2: Sign Out a Bluebike
The Bluebikes are located at the Innovation Park Security Desk, just down the corridor from BECO Fitness. Please sign out a bike with the security officer on duty.

Step 3: Stay on Course…and Have Fun!
There are two Bluebike courses on campus. Small, laminated maps are attached to each bike. You can also download print a course map below.

When you finish your ride, return the Bluebike to the security desk and enjoy the rest of your day!
Need assistance? Give us a shout at 704-808-4200.